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Time & Locations

NEW SERVICE TIMES AT ST ANDREW’S from 7th January 2018

The PCC agreed to change the service times slightly from the new year – to move to a 9:00am and 10:45am service. This is particularly so that the earlier service can start a little later for those who want a traditional service but find it currently too early for them.

09:00 Sunday Morning

A traditional Holy Communion Service with hymns in the Church. This early service follows Common Worship style and attracts around 30+ people. It has a committed core of regular attendees with a strong sense of church membership. Many have been members of St Andrew’s for a long time and involved in mission in the local area during that time.  Fellowship continues after the service over coffee & tea, which enables an overlap/interaction between the earlier and later congregations.  

10:45 Sunday Morning

Contemporary Worship in the Church. The main 10.45 worship service attracts an average of 150-170 people; typically 100-120 adults and 40-60 young people under the age of 16.  Once a month this service takes the form of All Age Worship which is led in varied, imaginative and informal ways, including ‘cafe style’. The 10.45 services are contemporary in style and substance (informal, no robes, no organ).

Because many people in our church family do not have an exclusively Anglican or church background our language in prayer and preaching is aimed at connecting our experience of God to our everyday lives. Preaching is thematic with linked bible readings (but not necessarily from the lectionary). We have been encouraged to use drama, illustrations, video clips, YouTube extracts, humour and engagement of the entire congregation in all elements of the service.  This, by its nature, leads to less formality.  We love our extended period of sung worship which is sensitive and contemporary, led by a worship band of up to 8 musicians, some semi-professional, but who see themselves first as worshippers, led by the band leader. We celebrate communion once a month at the 10.45 service and the informal and contemporary form of words used combines Common Worship elements with more accessible language.  

Our children and young people are always present for the first part of the service and throughout the All Age Worship services. After the first part of the services, they then move into other rooms in the Church Centre for their own teaching and activities based upon their 'age groups'. After the service, they join the congregation for refreshments and fellowship.

After the 10:45 service, prayer is available at the front of Church by the pulpit; for yourself or on behalf of someone you know.

Community Groups

Community Groups meet most evenings (typically at people's houses) and there are discussions about forming a Community Group to meet during the day.


Prayer groups generally meet as follows:

  • Mondays 12:45 at All Saints
  • Wednesdays 08:45 at St All Saints
  • Fridays 09:30 to 10:15 at St Andrew's

In addition, a Sunday evening Deeper service is held every month at All Saints. Please see the Programme Card or Noticesheets for further details.

Please see the weekly noticesheet as abovce for the latest up to date information on all events.